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Spar’s European Sausage and Meats is a welcomed step back in time where old world sausage making and friendly customer service is carefully honed, ensuring that only the finest ingredients and hands-on skills develop the best tasting, high quality sausage that only a personal touch can provide. As soon as you enter the store your senses are made aware of the well-seasoned smoke house that has been integral to producing the much-desired sausages.

The store opened in 1989 by founder Eric Spar along with his wife Stephanie and daughter Tanja. The family toiled purposefully to provide the sausage that Eric grew up making as a young “Metzger”, or butcher apprentice in his native Augsburg, Germany. He knew that Buffalo’s diverse ethnic population would appreciate his efforts and he was right! Their dedication to the craft of sausage making endured successfully until Mr. Spar decided to retire but he knew that he did not want his labor of love to end with the closing of the shop doors.


Joe Kennedy, who had been working at the store as an apprentice to Mr. Spar, then purchased the shop in 2005. Joe already had been cooking in Buffalo for years including a period of time when he served as the Chef de Cuisine at the Park Lane Restaurant in Buffalo. Joe’s thirst for learning and pure love of food made him the perfect candidate to add his own ideas and recipes to the customers.

Joe took the specialty shop, which already included fresh and smoked styles of German, Hungarian, Spanish and Andouille, and he developed his own sausage recipes that now included Lamb Merguez, English Bangers, Portuguese Linguisa and both hot and sweet Calabrese Italian, along with a variety of fully cooked chicken sausages bursting with flavor. Seasonally you’ll find favorites like fresh Turkey Sausage with Cranberries and Sage, stuffed peppers filled with fresh chorizo and cheddar cheese, and smoke house ribs. Fresh Andouille sausage with sweet potatoes, green onions and maple syrup (Sweet Potato Surprise) has become a customer favorite.  Hand cut chops and steaks are a mainstay as well as freshly ground pork and beef. There are even easy to reheat items like pulled pork, homemade chili and beef stroganoff to make life a little easier for you! You never know what tasty treat will be available until you stop by!  Since 2010, Spar's European Sausage has been proud to carry Heritage Pork from T-Meadow Farms of Lockport, New York.  This heritage pork is available in Chops, ribs, loins and various delicious fresh and smoked sausages, such as T-Meadow sausage with roasted poblano peppers, and "drunken" cold smoked Hungarian sausage with red wine.  Hand raised happy pigs make for some delicious eating!


Joe’s wife, Beth joined the Spar’s team, truly making this a family business once again. She has made sure that the store has a selection of importedgroceries that beg you to take your time and browse around. You can be sure to find something that you may want to try!


In 2008, Buffalo Spree Magazine awarded Spar's Sausage "Best Sausage/Butcher in Buffalo".  Spar's Sausage has been awarded the “Art Voice Award for Best Sausage in Buffalo” in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011!  Joe and Beth are honored to have these awards as they know the winners are chosen by the people of Erie County and are more than willing to find extra space on the walls to hang these prestigious awards!!

We Love Local!
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